An ungodly child beats his mother’s father to the point of being battered, a grudge because he was once forced to enter a boarding school

LONDON, – An English man had the heart to beat his father and mother to a pulp. He holds a grudge against his parents, because they sent him to boarding school when he was 11 years old.

Metro News reported, the man was identified as Ed Linse (51). He is a failed businessman. The sad thing is, the perpetrator turned out to have held a grudge against his parents for the last 40 years.

Ed was initially charged with attempted murder of his father. However, his demands have been accepted. In the plea, he pleaded guilty to causing serious injury to the victim.

According to Metro News, Ed Linse broke into his parents’ home in Nether Alderley, Cheshire, at midnight on April 22. He then beat up his 85-year-old father, Nicholas Clayton. The perpetrator also beat his 82-year-old mother, Julia.

Temporary Yahoo News According to reports, Ed attacked his father in the victim’s bedroom, causing the grandfather to suffer serious injuries to his head, ears and hands. The elderly man also suffered from bleeding in the brain and spent five weeks undergoing treatment in hospital.

After beating his father, the disobedient son then moved to the room where his mother was. There, he hit the head of the woman who had given birth to him. As a result, the mother got bumps and bruises on her back.

Ed stated that while carrying out the attack, he believed that his parents were responsible for the suffering he experienced while a student at an all-boys boarding school in the 1980s. The name of the school was not disclosed.

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