Bighorn News: Kindergarten class learns about habitats

From left: Brynlee Bryant, Eveana Tapia Santos and Rebecca Doll.

From left: Brynlee Bryant, Eveana Tapia Santos and Rebecca Doll.
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Oasis Kindergarten classes show off their knowledge of habitats to families. Students pair up and are assigned to study one of three habitats: ocean, desert, or forest.

The assignment includes learning about plants and animals that live in their habitat and then making a diorama of the habitat. Students also select animals from their habitats and write informative papers about what animals need to survive and what makes them unique to those habitats.

“Our habitat is the ocean and our coral reefs have everything,” says teacher Janet Renfroe. “Our animal is a starfish. The starfish can cling to rocks because it has long arms and eats clams and oysters. I love all the gems in our project.”

“Students enjoy learning about various habitats and the animals and plants that live in them. Everyone worked so hard on this project, and it’s been amazing to see the giants we have for presentations from our families and people in our community.

Ms. Michel Horn said the students showed off their creativity and put together amazing dioramas.

“They are excited to share their learning with their families and love the whole process,” he says.

Katie Maloney’s mother is very positive about student learning.

“Our class really enjoyed learning about various plants and animals that can survive in the desert,” he said. “They found it very interesting that they could survive under such harsh temperatures and thrive on so little water or resources. The animals in the desert are tough! Showing off the habitat to our family was the highlight of 2023 so far.”

Fundraising dinner on April 21

The City of Fallon returns this year to become the title sponsor of the fifth annual Oasis Academy Future Fest on April 21. This year’s dinner will be hosted by The Slanted Porch and includes a live, silent auction and a raffle.

Other sponsors and donors include CC Communications, Tedford Tire, A&K Earth Movers, WCW Corp., Hiskett & Sons, Night in the Country, Moana Nursery, Atlantis, Harveys Lake Tahoe, Johnny’s Restaurante, Harbor Freight, Kimmie’s Candy Company, Animal Ark and much more.

Funds raised from this year’s dinner will be used to purchase a van for co-curricular activities such as athletics, FFA, Student Council, and Honor Society to use as transportation.

“If you live in Fallon and have ever participated in any event or activity that involves youth, you know that there is no greater youth advocate than the City of Fallon. Their support means a lot,” said Oasis CEO Melissa Mackedon.

Chief Academic Officer Rochelle Tisdale said Oasis appreciates the community’s investment in the academy’s program.

“This is always a fun night and a great way to support our students and activities,” he said.

For dinner tickets or donor or sponsor information contact Angela Viera at [email protected] or 775-742-0506.

Opportunity through education

By Hunter McNabb

Did you know that Oasis students have the opportunity to start their post-secondary education? Oasis’ partnership with Western Nevada College’s Jump Start education program has allowed students to earn college credit while gaining real-world experience in state-of-the-art facilities.

As a public charter school, Oasis Academy has the opportunity to promote a diverse and inclusive student education. Every student has the opportunity to earn college credit regardless of their status or financial situation.

Because of this, the Jump Start program has enabled many first-generation college students to earn the first college credit in their families, and opened up opportunities for them that were not available to most students their age.

Junior Amora Routt really appreciates the Jump Start program. He has attended Oasis Academy since high school and has earned transferable college credit since his junior year in high school.

“I appreciate the opportunity to be in Jump Start. This helped prepare me for the future and helped me pay for my future degree in psychology,” he said.

Oasis students have enjoyed an interesting and unique experience at WNC, and look forward to continuing their partnership with the college. To learn more about WNC’s Jump Start Program and its partnership with Northern Nevada high schools, contact Oasis Academic advisor Lisa Swan at [email protected] or 775-423-5437.