City of Tallinn raises kindergarten meal support for 2023 | News

The maximum daily meal allowance for preschool children for 2023 is set at €2.70 per day for children who are already in kindergarten, and €3.00 per day for children who will be in kindergarten -kids starting next year.

The cost of school meals for pupils at the Tallinn city high school, as well as the Kopli Vocational School, will be €1.80 per day, in the new year.

Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev (Central) said the city wants to support residents’ livelihoods in the face of rapidly rising prices.

“Over the past year and a half, the prices for all ingredients have increased, and in order to ensure tasty and varied meals for kindergarten and school children, we will increase subsidies for school meals and limits for kindergartens. food from the new year, so the daily food costs due to price increases are in line with current prices.”

“While we increased subsidies for school meals in September this year, unfortunately this has not proved sufficient to provide quality food in the face of rising raw material prices.

“As a result, the municipal subsidy for school lunches will increase to 80 cents from next year, which is almost the same as the state subsidy of €1, which in turn has remained at the same level for the last seven years,” continues Belobrovtsev. through a city government press release.

Kindergarten meals, in Tallinn, are provided free of charge, up to a limit set by the municipality, whereas if the daily cost of food approved by the nursery exceeds the limit, the difference is borne by the parents every month.

Meanwhile the cost of school meals for Tallinn students will increase from €1.56 to €1.80 per day.

School meals will continue to be free for primary and secondary school students in city-run schools.

The assistance covers the cost of school meals for a total of 46,706 students until the 2022/2023 academic year. School meal providers will use at least 70 percent of their grants to purchase food and up to 30 percent in catering organizations. In addition to the state subsidy, an additional €6.4 million is available in the city budget to cover the cost of school meals if needed, while an additional €3.14 million to cover the cost of children’s meals is also planned in 2023. Tallinn Municipal Budget, the city said that.

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