Deaf Therapy Dog Festive Supports Kids at Their School Concert

This is the definition of adorable!

There’s nothing cuter than little kids blowing their lungs out during a holiday concert, unless, of course, they’re accompanied by an invaluable deaf therapy dog ​​dressed in her best holiday costumes! Cole is a deaf Pit Bull pup owned by TikTok user @Deafcole and works as a therapy dog ​​at Dr. Mennies School in South Jersey with his music teacher father. Cole’s profound and powerful message is “Disability is not an inability, it is a superpower!” Cole is make a difference by being different and we just love him and the message he brings to others.

Check out the adorable Cole accompanying these cute kids to their holiday concert for your big dose of Christmas cheer!

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This is the new definition of cute! @Karjabs hilariously commented, “Adults think the same thing as dogs. I really don’t want to be here, but I’m doing it for the kids.” LOL, awww! “On the last costume change he was 5000% over it. But he’s a good kid who loves his kids,” said @Rosiepixie. @Sarahtadoodles said “So he’s basically the best boy ever!”

Cole is the best sport there is and these kids are so lucky to have him. he’s definitely on Santa’s good list!

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