Do They Work? Learn Why Virtual Training is the New Trend •

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Have you noticed how weight loss apps are taking over the virtual training world? It seems crazy to trade your gym membership and personal trainer for a simple app, right?

But is it, though?

Virtual training is not only just as effective as in-person training, but with a weight loss app, you get a fully comprehensive health & wellness program all in one place. Train with kickoff, and I personally will show you why this weight loss app and my own personal training program as a Coach on the platform, works!

Weight Loss Apps for Accountability

One reason why many of my clients find that the virtual platform of a weight loss app works for them is accountability. It’s hard to stay accountable outside of the gym. But, with a virtual health coach and personal trainer, you have all the motivation you need right at your fingertips.

As a coach with Kickoff, I can tell you that this program holds clients accountable in more ways than one. My personal technique for holding clients accountable for their workouts and nutrition is through daily check-ins. I text my clients daily, and they would all agree that I never miss a beat! So if you miss a workout, you best believe I’ll be texting you asking why.

Another way the weight loss app helps to hold you accountable is the daily checklist. Every day, you open your app and get your daily to-do checklist. Clients find that checking off a list of goals each day helps to keep them on track and gives them more motivation to keep going forward.

Your coach will also help you build intrinsic motivation, which you can read more about here!

Weight Loss Apps for Personalized Workouts

Lose the old-fashioned idea that the only way to receive personalized workouts is from an in-person trainer in the gym. Unless you need a spotter or workout companion, there is no need to spend the extra $200-$300 a month on in-person training.

Weight loss apps and a virtual trainer create personalized workouts tailored to each client based on their current fitness goals, experience level, and body type. Your coach is in contact with you daily and builds a program from the ground up to match your specific needs.

Your coach starts by assessing your current fitness level and then builds a workout program that fits your needs based on whatever equipment you may or may not have. We plan total bodyweight and full gym workouts, so if you’re worried about not having the equipment to get started, no worries; we got you!

Example Core Workout

Weight Loss Apps and Nutrition Guidance

When you work with a personal trainer, you rarely get nutrition advice and guidance included without an extra price. With Kickoff, you get both! Nutrition is 80% of your success when trying to lose weight, so it only makes sense to focus on both exercise and nutrition.

Kickoff offers in-app-generated meal plans, daily nutrition guidance from your coach, and a food logging feature for more accountability. In some cases, if you find a coach who is also a nutritionist (like me!), and you can receive complete meal plans tailored directly to you for no additional cost.

Your coach will figure out your daily caloric intake and macros and help you build a sustainable meal plan that enables you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Example Meal Plan Guide

Affordable Training

So now that you know how incredible this weight loss app is, you’re probably thinking… I’m sure I can’t afford this. That’s the BEST part! Kickoff knows that health is important, but unfortunately most people can’t afford to reach out to a trainer or nutritionist for help so they made it their passion to create a personal training platform that’s affordable for most any budget.

For the basic package and full access to your coach and app, it’s just $95USD a month. If you crave that personal, one-on-one interaction, there are packages available for live virtual video meet ups as well, full pricing information can be found here.

Train with me and Get Results

I’ve been in the nutrition and fitness world for almost a decade now, and have been working with kickoff for over a year and already have more than 30 satisfied clients. I make you my priority and coach you in a way that is able to keep you focused, but yet also understanding that it’s a really HARD journey.

Gentle motivation, and keeping you consistent are my two greatest coaching strengths. I’m a certified Nutritionist and have my NASM certification for personal training, but learned the most from my own weight loss and muscle building strategies.

Check out my full profile here and reach out anytime with any questions about my credentials or how to get started!

Client Weight Loss Transformations

You can just take my word for it, that training on a weight loss app works, or you can see for yourself from some of my most successful clients.

Haley started training with me about two months ago and, in that time, has already dropped 7 pounds! She is a hard worker who never misses a workout, which is part of her success. She is continuing her journey with hard work and dedication, moving forward in the progression phase of the program, and I am so proud and excited to keep seeing her progress!

Hannah Adler has been working so hard to achieve her health goal, and you can see how successful she has become! Hannah has a condition called POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), inhibiting her from working out for years. She finally got the courage to join Kickoff with me as her coach and is now living a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, and both looks and feels amazing. Hannah is a hard worker and extremely dedicated, which is why she’s able to do the workouts she sets her mind to.
I am sooo excited for her!

The beautiful miss Warda Mian is another stellar client of mine that has put in A LOT of hard work. She lost a total of 54 pounds in the last six months since she started training with me… INCREDIBLE! She is killing him in the gym, and it shows. Warda rarely ever misses a workout and has been a really vigilante in maintaining a healthy diet by logging her food most every day. Warda is currently in the muscular development phase of training, and as you can see, she is on fire in the gym.
I can’t possibly say enough good things about Warda; she truly is a picture of health and dedication.

Find YourCoach

It’s clear that weight loss apps work, and kickoff stands as a testament to that statement. As a Health coach, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer I assisted more than 30 clients in just one year of training, I specialize specifically in Pilates and bodyweight workouts. I’m also the perfect coach for beginners who are new to working out and need motivation, accountability and also a friend!

I’m not the only dedicated coach working with kickoff, check out some of my friends and colleagues that are also wonderful, each specializing in their different things.

Coach Sara Sharp is NASM certified and has a masters in Exercise Science. Sara specializes in behavior change, and rehabilitation.

Coach Rachel Atkinson is NASM certified, she specializes in prenatal and postpartum clients, as well as natural remedies and health solutions.

Coach Carlee Ferrell is NASM certified with a Precision Nutrition certification. Carlee specializes in weight loss, corrective exercise and is a Registered 500hr Yoga Instructor.

Coach Alyssa Mims is ACSM certified and specializes in muscle building, specifically in the legs and glutes. Alyssa is also currently working towards becoming a Body Building Specialist.

Train with Kickoff & Get Fit Today

Train with me! There is no better time to get fit, lose that extra weight and feel better about yourself than NOW. I’d love to help you achieve your goals, and be a part of that journey.