EZ Taiwan Work Permit extended to English school teachers | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan has expanded its online work permit application system to include English language school teachers, artists, and adult children of foreign professionals with applications generally taking only seven working days to process.

On Thursday (29/12), the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) under the Ministry of Manpower (MOL) said in a press release it would expand and promote online application services for foreign professionals to apply for work permits. In addition, it will allow foreign professional individuals to apply for permits to work in arts-related positions and will also open up the system to the adult children of foreign professional work pass holders.

In the case of cram school teachers, management will need to create an account on the EZ Work Permit website to be able to apply for and renew work permits for their foreign employees. As for adult foreign professional artists and children, they can create their personal account on the website to apply for a work permit by submitting their name, nationality and passport number.

Based on MOL statistics, annually there are 6,800 work permit applications by foreigners for positions in cram schools, around 450 applications for arts-related work, and around 70 to 80 applications for children of foreign professionals. Even in the midst of the COVID pandemic, the ministry said there has been no significant increase or decrease in applications for work permits for the three categories.

The ministry said that prior to this addition, foreign nationals applying for special or technical positions, directors or managers of approved businesses invested or founded by compatriots or foreigners abroad, school teachers, sports or athlete coaches, performers and performers, and foreign artist. workers contracted by foreign legal entities are all eligible for the EZ Work Permit service.

The EZ Work Permit Portal provides 24-hour access for work pass applicants to pay the review fee and upload the required documents. According to the MOL, foreigners who apply for work permits through the website can shorten the review process to seven working days.

The ministry pointed out that in the event of a power outage caused by a natural disaster such as an earthquake or site maintenance issues, an application can still be submitted on paper to the WDA.

To start the Taiwan work permit application process online, visit the EZ Work Permit website.