From Wegmans to schools, here are Norwalk’s biggest stories in 2022

In 2022, Norwalk witnessed exciting stories — such as the approval of Connecticut’s first Wegmans grocery store — and tragic events — such as the death of a 7-year-old girl in a house fire.

Education issues, such as school staff vacancies and new secondary school selection programs, also made headlines this year.

Here are some of 2022’s most important stories impacting the city.

The ‘Great Resignation’ hit Norwalk schools

Norwalk Public Schools has experienced numerous staff vacancies this year, and several key people have resigned, including the director of human resources. These openings specifically affect special education and paraprofessional positions, but the vacancies are spread across all types of positions.

The replacement teacher pool has not been able to completely cover vacancies, leaving both daily and long-term vacancies. This problem arises because agencies responsible for replacements do not have enough for all vacancies and because finding qualified replacements for certain positions, such as special education, is extremely difficult.