Get to know VRIPE-Health UGM, VR Technology for Student Practical Simulation


The team from the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing at Gadjah Mada University (FK-KMK UGM) developed a virtual reality or VR technology for simulating interprofessional education practices under the name Virtual Reality of Interprofessional Education on Health or VRIPE-Health.

This innovation is the result of collaboration with CV Creacle Studio. The team chaired by Dr. Hanggoro Tri Rinonce, SpPA(K), PhD launched VRIPE-Health on December 15, 2022.

Before discussing further about VRIPE-Health, it is better for detikers to know in advance what is meant by interprofessional education.

What is Interprofessional Education?

Interprofessional education is needed to prepare health students to be able to collaborate in a variety of knowledge, competencies, and decisions to provide services to patients while still paying attention to the role of each profession.

Launching from UGM’s official website on Wednesday (28/12/2022), in the implementation of interprofessional education, the opportunity to practice providing collaborative services in a clinical setting is still minimal.

Not infrequently, students and clinical supervisors find it difficult to carry out collaborative learning together with patient care.

Now, with this innovative VRIPE-Health application, interprofessional education is easier to implement through VR simulations.

VRIPE-Health is Designed to Resemble a Hospital Environment

The VRIPE-Health application is equipped with environmental emergency departments (IGD), intensive care units (ICU), and hospitalization along with medical equipment in three dimensions. So, VRIPE-Health is really designed to resemble a hospital environment.

There are also doctor, nurse, and nutritionist avatar characters that can be played in multiplayer. This allows students to collaborate in handling cases together, as explained by Dr. Hanggoro.

Health students from the three study programs (Medicine, Nursing, and Health Nutrition) have the opportunity to learn to collaborate through interprofessional communication played in VR.

Complete with Questions and Case Handling Guidelines

This VR simulation is equipped with questions and guides for handling cases, so that students can give real sensations.

R Gathot Fajar Suryantoro SKom, CEO of CV Creacle Studio revealed that VRIPE-Health has gone through product tests in the form of usability tests and acceptance tests.

“Students as users will handle cases starting from the classification of emergency room patients with triage, initial treatment, to the necessary consultations and collaborations. Users will meet other users with different roles in the metaverse space and carry out tasks according to their educational background,” he said.

The VRIPE-Health innovation is expected to be able to provide opportunities for students to practice repeatedly, anytime and anywhere without worrying about the patient’s condition.

Students can learn how to provide education, conduct examinations, assist with deliveries, and care for patients in intensive care equipped with clinical equipment.

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