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BRIDGEPORT — Preschool and kindergarten programs build a strong foundation for a child’s entire education, and residents of the Bridgeport Free Village School District can enroll their child to participate this month.

The district announced that kindergarten enrollments for the 2023-24 school year will take place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on February 28 for children who will turn 5 on August 1. Educators also talk about the importance of kindergarten and preschool education for young learners.

Superintendent Brent Ripley said preschoolers were exposed to the district’s learning strategies including reading, developmental and behavioral skills, along with the integration of technology.

“To parents, we just want to emphasize that preschool is very important for the future success of their children.” said Ripley.

Brooke Syrylo, the preschool director and teacher, said there were 14 3-year-olds in the preschool and the capacity was 20.

Classrooms for children aged 4 years also have a capacity of 20 people.

“We have two groups per day. We have morning sessions and we have afternoon sessions. Usually around 20 students is our goal for each class,” said Syrylo.

He said word was spreading among parents about the benefits of early social and academic preparation.

“We are getting calls about applications, people are interested in coming, and we have an opportunity for students to attend preschool for two years, which is a great opportunity to prepare them. We focus on social skills. They learn to be in a group that is not at home with their families. They are attuned to listening to other adults and interacting with other children. The focus is there, as well as the academics that prepare them for kindergarten.”

He added the district offers a five-star Step-up-to-Quality rated program through the Ohio Department of Education.

“We recently had a license visit. Everything went very well,” he says.

Leslie Kosanovic, curriculum director, also spoke about the benefits of early childhood education, including exposing children to technology to improve education.

“Some of the things that you’re seeing here today obviously rotating through the group, sharing things that you would see in a typical preschool, but also the integration of technology that is really really important here at Bridgeport,” he says. “Using technology as a tool to show off their learning. So anytime we can integrate technology, the main goal is whether it’s a preschooler or a middle schooler to give them the tools to visualize their learning, to make their learning visible, to allow them to have student voice and student ownership of them. learning.”

Kosanovic said the school is working closely with Apple Professional Development to integrate the tool into classroom learning.

“It brings that integration to students and gives them what they need in real time, and there are so many great things you can do with iPad.” he says. “We’re actually talking to our senior Apple specialist from the Apple company and he’s working with our teacher.”

He also commented on the child’s development which was disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kosanovic says the district can adapt.

“We only meet students where they are. We have an amazing, great preschool program,” he says. “We have a team of extraordinary people. Students are assessed as they enter. We see what they need. Everyone has strength, everyone has the opportunity to develop.”

Syrylo said there was a strategy to deal with construction disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re definitely seeing an effect of that, but having these kids here every day, we have the opportunity five days a week, so they stick to that routine and schedule, and we also work very closely with the families. Families are involved in our classrooms and with us in our activities, and we try to offer them support too. If they are experiencing challenges with their child at home or due to a lack of social skills and a lack of social situations, we provide support. This is definitely a partnership with our parents and to help them with their children.

“At this point in the year, the kids have come a long way from working in class, listening to the teacher, working with other kids in class. We are seeing some good things happening now,” he says.

Syrylo said the district also provided support, such as providing transportation for the elderly.

The elementary school can be contacted at 740-635-0853, ext. 1800. The website is The school is located at 55707 Industrial Drive.

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