Meet SMPN 2 Tengaran, a green school in Central Java that has a mini forest and converts rainwater into fresh water

UNGARAN, – Tengaran 2 Public Middle School is one of the green schools in Semarang Regency. In fact, a number of innovations that have been made have made SMP Negeri 2 Tengaran Semarang Regency win first place in the Unnes Green School Ranking (UGSR) 2022.

The Principal of SMP Negeri 2 Tengaran Waluya said that his school is developing non-fossil renewable energy, namely solar energy.

“Sunlight is used to be a source of light. It saves more electricity,” he explained, Thursday (29/12/2022).

Meanwhile for coral reefs, rain water turns into fresh water.

“We always cultivate it, we care for it, we cultivate it, and we implement it every day,” he said.

Apart from that, SMPN 2 Tengaran also created a mini forest to maintain the quality of oxygen levels.

“Mini forests can be used for water conservation, apart from air, of course. There are thousands of plants here, including family medicinal plants,” said Waluya.

He revealed that there were 47 schools from all over Indonesia that took part in the green school competition. There are six assessments in the competition, such as site and infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste management, water management, transportation, education and development.

“In terms of site and infrastructure, it’s about the ratio of open areas to the total school area, spaces that use parks in and others,” he explained.

Waluya added that the championship was not the main goal. The main principle carried out by SMP Negeri 2 Tengaran is to form a cultural character of a clean and healthy life, as well as being environmentally friendly.

“So we emphasize to students to always maintain cleanliness, driving, tidiness and health awareness,” he said.

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