Ontario requires a technology education course for high school graduation

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Ontario high school students will soon be required to pass a technology education course to graduate.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced on Friday that the requirement would start with students entering Grade 9 in September 2024, framing the move as a way to get more young people into the skilled trades, especially young women.

“We want to inspire more students to understand the opportunities of the digital economy and the changing landscape around us,” he told a press conference.

“We want young people early in their careers to know that these new graduation requirements will open doors and opportunities for every child, but perhaps especially for girls in Ontario schools.”

About three-quarters of high school students have graduated with at least one course in technology education, but the majority are boys, the government says.

Charmaine Williams, undersecretary for women’s social and economic opportunities, said that for Ontario to succeed, the province needed more women and girls pursuing skilled trade careers.

“I have five children, all in the Ontario public education system and I want to make sure that they and all other children in Ontario have the best chance of becoming economically successful,” he said.

Students must complete Class 9 or Class 10 technology education courses, covering sectors such as construction, transportation, manufacturing, computer technology, hospitality, and communications.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on March 10, 2023.


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