Received Sindo Journalism Training, Nurul Fikri Bogor Islamic Boarding School: Can Filter Hoax News

BOGOR, – Sindo Goes to Islamic Boarding School was greeted enthusiastically by students at the Nurul Fikri Islamic Boarding School, Bogor, Tamansari District, Bogor Regency. They gained a lot of knowledge from the training themed ‘A Closer Look at Journalism’.

As stated by a grade 8 student at SMPIT Nurul Fikri Boading School Bogor, Latifa Aulia. From this training, he can get to know world journalism better.

“What I catch is the difference between what is actual news and what is factual news, so rich news must consist of many things that we really have to keep warm and the news is not hoax. So what really is this news is a fact, so it’s just been published to people,” said Latifa, Wednesday (21/12/2022).

Then, he also received photography training or knowledge. Students teach how to take pictures that are good and right.

“Earlier there was photography as well so I caught it, how do we take photos correctly, what do we do, something that happens. I think it’s important that this helps us, so those who didn’t know the news had to be broadcast still have to do it, take the right photo how?” he wrote.

Editor : Faieq Hidayat

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