Sharpening Students’ Ability & Creativity to Toddlers, It’s Fun!

Universal Day 2023: Hone Students' Ability & Creativity to Toddlers, It's Fun!

Universal Day 2023 hones the abilities and creativity of students up to toddlers. Doc photo. Universal School, JAKARTA – Semesta Day 2023 will be held again by the Semesta School, Semarang, Central Java. This annual event is part of the 24th anniversary celebration of Semesta Bilingual School.

Chief Executive of Semesta Day 2023 Jumiko said the event had been held since 8 December 2022 and would end on 8 January 2023.

The activity itself was recorded in three places, namely Campus 1 of BBS Semesta Middle School-SMA in Gunungpati, Campus 2 of SD Semesta Bilingual School in Srondol, and Campus 3 of Kindergarten PG SMP Semesta School in Jangli.

Semesta School as a leading school in Central Java always innovates to help the nation’s generation succeed.

After successfully holding the Nusantara Festival, Sekolah Semesta is holding competitions that all students in Indonesia can participate in.

“To celebrate Semesta Day 2023, we invite all Indonesian students from kindergarten to high school to take part in post-pandemic student competitions and creativity that are held online and offline,” said Jumiko in his statement, Wednesday (28/12).

He further explained that Semesta Day 2023 presents competitions that can be used as a means of developing talent and potential.

This year, Semesta Day held various competitions. Starting from Gasibu (Gebyar Arts and Culture), Indonesian students who have talents in the fields of vocal, poetry and dance can participate.

Universe Day 2023 hones the abilities and creativity of students up to toddlers, the program is exciting

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