Sindo Towards Islamic Boarding School Sambangi Nurul Fikri Boarding School Bogor

BOGOR, – Sindo Goes to Islamic Boarding School visited the Nurul Fikri Bogor Islamic Boarding School in Tamansari District, Bogor Regency. On this occasion, Sindo Goes to Islamic Boarding School provided training related to journalism for SMPI IT students at the school.

“This is the sixth Islamic boarding school that we collaborated on. Sindo Goes to Islamic Boarding School was the first time we made this 2022 in a 10-year or 1-decade moment. Sindonews was yesterday July 4, 2022. On the 10th anniversary of Sindonews, we made this event, it has been going to Islamic boarding schools in Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi and others,” said Editor-in-Chief Zen Teguh Triwibowo, Wednesday (21/12/2022).

According to him, Sindonews and Koran Sindo made Sindo Goes to Pesantren want to collaborate with students and other Islamic-based educational institutions because they realized that it was a place for Candradimuka to give birth to superior generations.

“This nation is very indebted to Islamic boarding schools as well as to educational institutions because graduates who are good, who are intelligent and have good morals are state artists,” he said.

Editor : Faieq Hidayat

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