Synopsis Fight Back to School 2, Stephen Chow’s film in Trans TV Cinema


The film ‘Fight Back to School 2’ returns to accompany Trans TV Cinema viewers. This action genre film airs on Monday (26/12/2022), at 21.45 WIB to be precise.

Released in 1992, this film is a sequel to ‘Fight Back to School’ (1991) which had achieved great success as Hong Kong’s highest-grossing film of its time. Gordon Chan returned to direct it.

A number of well-known stars enliven this 106-minute film. Call it Stephen Chow, Ng Man-Tat, Cheung Man, and others.

‘Fight Back to School 2’ has a rating of 6.6 out of 10 stars on the IMDb site.

Synopsis ‘Fight Back to School 2’

As reported by detikHOT, this film tells the story of Star Chow (Stephen Chow), a former member of the elite Hong Kong police force. During a meeting with the assignment at the elite Special Task Force Unit (SDU) of the Hong Kong police, Star jokingly suggests he be transferred to the traffic unit. The star’s jokes were followed, he was immediately demoted to become a policeman who was involved in traffic duties on the streets of Hong Kong.

While at work he ticketed a group of students who turned out to be his classmates while undercover at Edinburgh Middle School in the 1991 film Fight Back to School.

Star is dissatisfied with the condition she is in. He also left the police force and decided to conduct his own investigation of the mafia gang plot at school. He then recruited his former schoolmates in Edinburgh to join the mission and disguised himself as a student at an international school.

As it turned out, apart from him and his friend, there were several policemen at the school who also disguised themselves as students. Apart from Tso Tat-wah, his former partner, there are also several other police officers who want to be acquitted of this case.

While disguising himself as a student, Star is actually liked by a female student named Sandy. They had a period of courtship by eating together, but were found out by Miss Ho, counseling teacher (Counseling Guidance) and Star’s fiancé in the 1991 film Fight Back to School.

Watch ‘Fight Back to School 2’ at Trans TV Cinema at 21.45 WIB.

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