Synopsis Fight Back to School III, Stephen Chow’s film in Trans TV Cinema


The film ‘Fight Back to School III’ is back in Trans TV Cinemas. The film, starring Stephen Chow, is broadcast on Tuesday (27/12/2022), at 23.45 WIB to be precise.

Released in 1993, this film was directed by Wong Jing. He replaced the director of the previous two films, Gordon Chan.

Meanwhile, for the third time, Stephen Chow is still the main star. Also featured are Cheung Man and Ng Man-Tat, legendary acting artists of their time

This 106-minute film received a rating of 6.2 out of 10 stars on the IMDb site. Fight Back to School III is said to be a parody version of Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction.

Synopsis ‘Fight Back to School III’

As reported by detikHOT, Stephen Chow returns to play Star Chow, a police agent. In the first film, Chow is given a mission to hide a gun theft case committed by someone posing as a student at a school. Chow had to go undercover as a student at the school to smooth out his mission

In the second film, Chow is also involved in an investigation mission that makes him have to go back to disguised as a student at a high school.

Fight Back to School 3One of the scenes in the movie ‘Fight Back to School 3’. (Photo: Dok.Win Film Production)

But in the third film, Chow faces a different case. This also makes the mission he does different from the two previous films.

This time, Chow disguised himself as a policeman who disguised himself as the husband of a rich socialite played by Anita Mui. Meanwhile, Chow has a problem with his fiancé who wants Chow to quit his job as an undercover man.

How is the continuation of the story? Watch ‘Fight Back to School III’ at Trans TV Cinemas today at 23.45 WIB.

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