Timmins news: Bee City pollinator education event

Native bees, birds and other pollinators are things to be celebrated, according to Bee City Timmins, which is why the group was abuzz with excitement to hold its first community education event at Gillies Lake on Sunday.

The event to bring residents in the area together with the goal of encouraging people to adopt pollinator-friendly practices in their home gardens and learn about how important the creatures are.

“Without pollinators, there is no food in the world,” said Cochrane District Master Gardeners coordinator Pamela Dallaire, who participated in the event to share fun facts about how bees assist with gardening.

“We can’t go and hand-pollinate every flower that will produce a berry in the bush, so we encourage the planting of native plants and plants that will encourage pollinators in your garden.”

Also in attendance were the Wintergreen Fund for Conservation, Lakeshore Gold and other partners of Bee City Timmins.

Activities at Sunday’s event included seed ball making and imprinting flowers on Bee City postcards, as well as free seeds to take home and start a pollinator-friendly garden.

The City of Timmins’ environmental coordinator, Christina Beaton, also manages the local Bee City program and said there are plenty of things that people can use at home to help the pollinator population flourish.

“Gardening in a pesticide-free way, that you’re protecting pollinators as much as you can and creating pollinator-friendly habitats,” Beaton said.

“So that you have a pollinator-friendly garden that has flowers that will bloom from spring to fall so that we can help our pollinators throughout the seasons.”

People can visit the city’s Bee City Timmins webpage for home gardening tips that support pollinators.