University of Colorado to change the transfer process following the hiring of Deion Sanders

The University of Colorado Boulder is picky about what credits an institution will accept when a student wants to transfer. That presents some problems for incoming transfer student athletes, especially with the new NCAA transfer portal.

In 2018, NCCA created a transfer portal for student-athletes, who wish to transfer schools immediately. Before the portal was created, athletes who wished to be transferred had to be absent for one year. Now they can play right away, but a certain percentage of their transfer credits must be used towards earning a degree at their new school.

Other schools have physical education or general education programs students can transfer, but CU does not. So, prospective student-athletes can only transfer if their credits are sufficient to be accepted into a degree at CU or if students make credits beforehand, they can play.

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Two months ago, when CU sacked former head football coach, Karl Dorrell, Chancellor Phil Distefano said CU was unlikely to change its policy to attract more athletes.

“That’s just based on the titles we offer,” he said in a press conference last October.We don’t have physical education here, and we don’t have general education, and frankly, that’s not going to change.”

However, with the introduction of new head football coach Deion Sanders in Sunday’s press conference, DiStefano looks ready to shake things up.

We are working to give coaches and all student-athletes the bench they need to succeed, said Distefano.

He announced the institution was updating its transfer credit review process. The school is implementing a program that will provide expedited assessment of transfers of academic credit from other institutions for admission to CU Boulder.

While the program will apply to all prospective transfer students, the move is likely to be influenced by Sanders’ hiring of coaches.

“This new initiative combined with collective NIL and our existing resources for student-athletes will set a football team for long-term success,” said DiStefano.