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Tuition fees are waived for Ontario police officers

Ontario made several major changes in an effort to increase police recruitment, including removing tuition fees and post-secondary education requirements. Speaking in Etobicoke, Ont., Prime Minister Doug Ford said there was a “growing crime wave” in the province and, as a result, there was an urgent need for reinforcements. “People don’t feel safe. Some are afraid to take the subway or go for a walk when it is dark and that is wrong,” he told reporters. “We need more police officers on our roads.” To encourage recruitment, the province will waive tuition fees for the Basic Police Training program at

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Expanding the bus, kindergarten homeschoolers will be funded in Alberta next school year

Thousands more Alberta students will need to qualify for school buses in the next two years, as the province changes its requirements. The province has proposed increasing next year’s school transportation fund by 24 percent of this year’s expected spending, while requiring schools to offer buses to students who live closer to their buildings. Education Minister Adriana LaGrange said school boards, parents, teachers and students said the current 2.4 kilometer mark was too far for children to walk – especially when they have to cross a motorway or busy street to get to class. “Parents are concerned about safety, like

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Recipe: Peggy’s Indian Cabbage | Diabetic Mediterranean Diet

May 20, 2023 · 8:10 AM From Peggy at Buttoni’s Low-Carb Recipes: If you think you don’t like cabbage (like my husband) you have GOT to try this recipe! You’ll swear you don’t eat cabbage!! No cabbage odor or strong taste whatsoever to this dish! It is a delightfully crunchy side dish with grilled Tandoori Chicken or pork chops! I order my nigella seeds (black onion seeds or how about seed) on-line, but you may be lucky to have a spice supplier where you live. I would not recommend omitting them, as you will miss out on a flavor layer

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Ontario requires a technology education course for high school graduation

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Ontario high school students will soon be required to pass a technology education course to graduate. Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced on Friday that the requirement would start with students entering Grade 9 in September 2024, framing the move as a way to get more young people into the skilled trades, especially young women. “We want to inspire more students to understand the opportunities of the digital economy and the changing landscape around us,” he told a press conference. “We want young people early in their careers to know that these new graduation requirements will open doors

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How Do I Get Out of My Non-Compete?

In healthcare, there has been a large expansion in non-compete clauses. Many of our clients would like to find a way out of their non-compete clause when looking to leave their current employment. We can help you stay on top of the latest news that affects your everyday life. Subscribe to stay up to date. (To subscribe to our blog click here). The first way to avoid breaching a non-compete clause is to have your attorney negotiate a contract without a non-compete clause before beginning your employment. Sometimes, non-compete clauses are unavoidable. So what can you do in that situation?

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Professional Thesis Translation: Unlocking Global Academic Opportunities

Why Choose Protranslate for Thesis Translation? Thesis writing is a crucial milestone in every student’s academic journey. It represents years of research, hard work, and dedication. As the world becomes more interconnected, it is essential to ensure that your thesis reaches a global audience. This is where professional thesis translation services play a pivotal role. In this article, we will explore the significance of thesis translation and why Protranslate is the go-to platform for expert thesis translation. The Importance of Thesis Translation Protranslate: Your Trusted Thesis Translation Partner The Process of Thesis Translation with Protranslate Testimonials from Satisfied Customers conclusion

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3 ways to ensure kindergarten readiness for all children

Ensuring that children are developmentally ready for school on the first day of kindergarten is very important. The better prepared children are for kindergarten, the more successful they will be in their school experience. Kindergarten readiness involves more than a child’s age and academic ability. It also includes social-emotional competence, including whether the child can follow directions, regulate his own emotions, and get along well with others. As a former principal of a large city school district who has opened early childhood centers with more than 400 children, I have extensive experience preparing children for kindergarten and working with parents

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How the student-coach relationship gives meaning to the course

Student staff and employees help students discover their intrinsic values ​​and inspire them to live up to those values. Rochester Institute of Technology Understand the question “Why?” can be the first step in maintaining their success. At the Rochester Institute of Technology Center for Academic Success, student staff and employees work with students to discover their intrinsic values ​​and inspire them to live up to those values. In partnership with the Career Services and Cooperative Education Office, RIT students can explore their motivations to study and work, and plan a values-based life for the future. “Connecting what is happening intrinsically

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The Ford government required technology education for Ontario high school students

Reduce the article font size Increase the article font size Ontario high school students in Ontario will be required to take required technology education classes to earn their diplomas, according to the education ministry – a change the Ford government hopes will increase the number of students looking to enter skills trades. The government said technology education courses, which are mandatory starting in September 2024, will cover a wide range of sectors, including construction, transportation, manufacturing, computing, technology, hospitality and communications. The curriculum, which was last updated in 2009, will be revised again to focus on advances in automation in

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